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AMWS is fully committed to the professional development of our members. As a result, we offer a variety of workshops on wetland science and regulatory updates. Non-members are welcome to attend. However, membership is encouraged through reduced workshop rates and other benefits.

AMWS workshops are recognized for their value: nowhere else will you find top working wetland scientists "giving back" to the profession at such affordable rates. As a result, AMWS members only are offered the limited number of seats during the first two weeks of posting an event.

As an added value of AMWS membership, we also offer social networking opportunities with other environmental professionals. These events generally take place in central Massachusetts, and may include appetizers and drinks, as well as a speaker.

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Left Photo: Courtesy Brent Baeslack (Haverhill ConCom) - Instructors Dwight Dunk (CDM) and Chad Sumner (SumCo Eco-Contracting) discuss the riprap foot of the restored slope at low tide during the field portion of the 9/30/11 AMWS Riverbank Stabilization Techniques Workshop in Haverhill, Mass. Of note, the tree stump in the water is secured by cables, and was added to aid stability and provide fish habitat.

Right Photo: Courtesy of Patrick Garner (Patrick Garner Co.) - Instructor Art Allen (EcoTec) at a deep hole featured at the AMWS Advanced Soil Identification Workshop, held June 22nd & 23rd, 2010, in Grafton, Mass.



Participation at the October, 2012 AMWS Field Indicators workshop is not required to attend!        

Perfect for Wetland Scientists, Soil Scientists and Certified Soil Evaluators


Sept. 19, 2014 (Friday); Rain Date Oct. 3, 2014

A Second Look at U.S. Field Indicators of Hydric Soils in Massachusetts

Chelmsford, Mass.

9:00 a.m. - 5:00 p.m.


The focus of this all-day, advanced soil workshop is in the field--documenting and interpreting soil conditions and hydrology.  Similar to the 2012 AMWS workshop held in the Bridgewater, Massachusetts area, "A Second Look" is intended to be both a refresher using federal methodology and an opportunity to "fill in the blanks" with what may have been missed the first time. (You'll recall that federal soil methodology is not set up in a traditional hierarchical key, nor is it based on conventional soil classification/description terminology.)


Participants will work at three locations at the Wright Reservation staffed by six expert instructors. You'll learn how to apply the Field Indicators of Hydric Soils in the United States (Version 7.0, plus errata for F21) to a range of soil conditions encountered in southern New England. (This manual is the official soils reference for federal wetland delineations in all New England states.) 


Everyone will gather for the day's overview and divide into groups for a "round robin" excursion to the nearby sites. Instructors will be stationary at their allotted pits, while participants will rotate at specified times. The day will end with a debriefing and distribution of Certificates of Attendance.


Note that the instructors will have equipment at each site, but participants are encouraged to bring their own sharp shooter, trowel and soil color book. This workshop is oriented toward wetland scientists, soil scientists and certified soil evaluators. (Certified soil evaluators with an advanced soil background will find the course helpful for honing their hydric soil identification skills. Please note that there is no direct applicability to Title 5 in this workshop.)


Prerequisites: Previous soil identification experience is required. The U.S. indicators that you can expect to see at the workshop are listed at  Participants are required to preview reference materials, so on the day of the workshop you can hit the ground running!


Instructors: Paul Minkin (USACOE), Mike Narcisi (USACOE), Tom Peragallo (LEC Environmental; formerly NRCS), Cori Rose (USACOE); Erica Sachs (EPA);  Mike Sheehan (Blue Flags Ecological; formerly USACOE), and Matt Schweisberg (Wetland Strategies & Solutions; formerly EPA).


Cost: Member $150, Non-member $195 (includes numerous handouts and field forms, plus registration coffee/juice/doughnuts. Does not include lunch. Bring your own!) Note: Any non-AMWS member who joins AMWS for this workshop may enjoy membership through 2015.


Hours toward CEUs are available, and this workshop may be used for self-reported CEUs by certified professional soil scientists. R.I. Dept. of Environmental Management/Office of Water Resources has assigned 4 CEUs for Cl-I, II & III, if a Cl-IV license is also held. NEIWPCC has assigned 6 Training Contact Hours (TCHs).


This workshop is limited to 24 participants, so early registration is suggested.




                         Register now for this workshop plus the Annual Meeting, & subtract $15 from the combined total!





Learn here how to use an automatic level in difficult bankfull situations.


Sept. 26, 2014  (Friday); Rain Date Oct. 10, 2014

Classic River Morphology

Fish & Wildlife Training Site (classroom), Belchertown, Mass.

West Branch of Swift River (field), near Belchertown, Mass.

9:00 a.m. - 4:00 p.m.


Every wetland scientist needs to understand stream channels and survey techniques, and there are few opportunities in New England to learn. This workshop focuses on river dynamics and bankfull determination--first in the classroom and then on the nearby Swift River.


The all-day instruction covers glacial and floodplain characteristics, terrain and watershed features, the Rosgen method of river classification, bankfull indicators and field techniques, river geometry, problem sites, and the use of flow meters and indicator dye. There will also be a presentation on cold water fisheries, including their definitions and indicator species in Massachusetts.


The workshop’s emphasis is on science, not regulation. Coffee is included. Bring your own lunch and waders.


Prerequisites: Knee-high to chest-high waders. 


Instructors: Paul Beaulieu (Sr. Wetland Scientist, Tighe & Bond); Patrick Garner (Hydrologist, Patrick Garner Co.); Heidi Davis (Wetland Analyst & River Expert, MassDEP)


CEUs: 7 hours toward CEUs (actual number determined by certifying agency). 


Cost: Member $95; Non-member $155 


This workshop is limited to18 participants, so early registration is suggested.




                        Register now for this workshop plus the Annual Meeting, & subtract $15 from the combined total!





Nov. 14, 2014  (Friday)

Annual Meeting: "Member's Choice" (half-day)

Warren Conference Center, Ashland, Mass.

9:00 a.m. - noon

Our annual meeting will feature three of your topic ideas: (1) wetland biogeochemistry, including the benefit of carbon sequestration and wetland management; (2) how stream crossing standards can be more effectively implemented on the local level; and (3) an update on MassDEP’s compensatory replication requirements and discussion of the development of a state-wide In-Lieu Fee program for wetland banking. Rounding out this

half-day event will be an update on the state Land Subject to Coastal Storm Flowage Advisory Group, along with our brief business meeting and raffle prizes. Attending members will have 3 free chances to win $100 cash!

Includes Continental breakfast. 3 hours toward CEUs (actual number determined by certifying agency). 


Cost: Member $95; non-member $155 




                              Register now for the Annual Meeting plus one workshop, & subtract $15 from the combined total!









Not an AMWS member? See "Join" section on this website!


(1) Fees are due in advance of the workshop. Should you require reimbursement by your employer, an invoice will be provided upon request.

(2) In the unlikely event that we have insufficient registrations two (2) weeks before a workshop, we reserve the right to cancel it. Your fee will be returned in full.

(3) If you must cancel seven (7) days or more before a workshop, your fee will be returned, less $25. No refunds seven (6) days or less before a workshop. Note: Substitutions are fine and may be made without charge, as long as the difference between member and non-member fees is paid, and there is no one on the Wait List. Please note that your substitute will not receive a Certificate of Attendance unless AMWS is notified before the workshop so the Wait List may be checked and availability confirmed.

**We regret the cancellation charge, but your absence may affect whether the workshop is held, and will affect the instructors, who key their presentation to participants. Additionally, your absence affects catering, the number of printed materials and AMWS itself--as we have fixed expenses.

(4) Registration is only guaranteed when you are given confirmation by email. Do not assume you are registered otherwise. Workshop participants often receive box lunches or supplies that are not ordered in excess. Additionally, the instructor/participant ratio must be maintained for optimal learning.
(5) Registration is on a first-come, first-served basis. A Wait List will be maintained.
(6) CEUs are usually available from the certifying authority. All participants are given a Certificate of Attendance.



NOTE: As of 1/01/11, Continuing Ed units are no longer pre-approved by the N.H. Board. You still need continuing education, but it is now call Continuing Education Hours (versus units), w/ 1 hour = 1 CEH. It is the responsibility of the candidate to decide whether or not the course is relevant to the practice of Soil or Wetland Science. For more info, see




AMWS ALSO LISTS ENVIRONMENTAL WORKSHOPS, COURSES AND MEETINGS OFFERED BY OTHER GROUPS that may be of interest to our members. Mention of a particular conference, course, or company does not imply endorsement by AMWS.

* * *




Grasses of the Northeast

Practical Identification  

for Wetland Delineators and Field Biologists


Friday, September 12, 2014
8:30am to 4:00pm


at the

SPNHF Conservation Center

54 Portsmouth Street

Concord, NH


This is the fifth NHANRS workshop with Dennis Magee, a pre-eminent grass taxonomist of the Northeast. The day includes a classroom session using samples and microscopes to gain a greater understanding of the differences in grass tribes and genera - from detailed examination to the "gestalt" or overall look of species. We will then have a field session in floodplain, wetland, upland, and riverbank ecosystems in the Merrimack River nature area below the Conservation Center.   


Dennis Magee has taught workshops in the identification of grasses and gramminoids for more than 30 years.  He is the author of "Freshwater Wetlands and Flora of the Northeast", 1st Edition and 2nd Edition with CD-ROM.  His latest book, "Grasses of the Northeast", should be out by early September. Dennis has worked in the environmental consulting business for 35 years including about 20 years in the field flagging wetlands and searching for rare plants.  



NHANRS Members:     $60.00

Non-Members:              $75.00


7.0 Contact Hours

NH Permitted Designer/Installers 3 Credit Hours


Download the flyer and mail in you registration,  

or register and pay online using PayPal.












If you have an event to list, please contact AMWS Administrator


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